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Age Is Just A Number

Age Is Just A Number


For years we have all heard that we should dress appropriately.  Dress your age.  "Why are you trying to dress young?"  or even "Why are you dressing like a grandma?"  To be honest, you can wear anything you truly want to wear.  The real trick is, dressing for your body shape, to make it look good on you.   We are not talking about granny panties either!  

Let's take a look at the common shapes and see what we should be doing. 

Hourglass - Your shoulders/bust area and hips stand out with a well defined waist.
Rectangle - No truly defined waist, not a lot of curves and smaller to average bust size.  Your bust to hips are mostly the same width throughout.
Inverted Triangle -  Your shoulders are wide, including your bust, then waist to your hips become more narrow.  
The Apple - The bust is pretty average, your weight is carried in your midsection and top with no truly defined waist. 
The Pear - This is the opposite of the Apple.  Your weight tends to sit at hips, buttocks area and and are wider than your shoulders.

I know I tend to think I'm just round, round is a shape right?! LOL  But in this case, I would be an Apple. You may also ask, how the heck do you dress an apple shape? First, you don't want to add bulk to bulk. You do want a slightly looser fit but you also want to draw attention away.  Placing a belt higher up on your waist and wearing more straight leg or pencil skirts are the way to go. Show off your legs, fake a waist and balance out that shape. 

Hourlgass - why are you even here reading this?  You got the shape we all want! Flaunt what you got, show off those beautiful curves!  

Rectangle - you need to make a defined waist and add curves.  One of the easiest ways is to wear a fitted top with a flare hem or even a wrap style dress.  Babydoll style tops and dresses are perfect for you and add that definition at your waist and the frill will make it seem like you have curves and a little wider from the hips down.  

Inverted Triangle - you have a wide shoulder area but narrow hips and legs.  So to add balance, you will need to add flare to your pants, bell bottoms, flare jeans, loose and not skinny fit pants.  Palazzo pants are your friend! Don't wear wide necklines or anything that adds bulk to your shoulders and upper frame. 

The Pear is the opposite.  You want to bulk up your upper body! Wider shoulders, cap sleeves and straight leg pants.  Loose pants that skim will help balance you out more.  

And if all else fails, grab a glass of wine or 3, pick out your favorite items and just wear them anyway!  Maybe it is not the most flattering shirt for an Apple to wear.  Perhaps those pants look like a teenager would wear them and not a 50 year old! Age is just a number after all.  If you feel good in it, if you like it, then WEAR IT!  Live for today, love your body. Work with what you have if you want to flaunt it and enjoy yourself in the NOW.  

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