What is an Elegant Bunny?

 A graceful and stylish woman.

/ˈeləɡənt/ adjective


pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner


/ˈbənē/  informal noun


early 20th century originally used as a term of endearment for a person usually a woman


 How to find the right style for my body type. 

1. Dress to flatter.  Follow your curves and outline of your body. 

2. Draw eyes away from what you may consider your "problem" area. 

3. Elongate with single colors, this makes you look taller. 

5. Don't go with baggy styles to hide areas, you still want semi fitted to flatter your body.  Instead opt for slightly longer, flare or an off setting ruffle. 

6. Measure yourself! One size does not fit all. Know if you need a large in tops but medium in pants. 

7.  Have fun with it! If you like then flaunt it! Style comes in all shapes and sizes anyway, so wear what you love! 

8. Forget 1-6 and just follow 7 - be unique and be you!


I found some jeans I like but they come in several colors.  What do I do? 

Buy one of each color and thank us later!


What is "bohemian" style clothes?

Pieces and outfits that are free flowing, mixed prints and casual. They are often unconventional, colorful yet earthy and artistic.


What do you mean by "vintage" clothes?

Vintage clothes is really any style that existed in a different decade and era from this current one. The hippie 70's, the glam rock of 80's or grunge of the 90's and 2000's, all of these are now vintage.   


You had some jewelry I liked but don't see it now. 

Our stock rotates and we do not always carry the same items.  Once we sell out we may not be able to get it again.  If you see something you like, don't wait!  You may miss out! 


How do I take care of different fabric?

Acrylic knit: Most acrylic knit garments can be machine-washed. Read the label and check for the proper drying option. Best if reshaped and dried flat.

Polyester: Read the label. Usually polyester items can be machine-washed (cool) and dried (low). Check the label to see if air-drying is recommended. Touch up with a cool – never hot – iron, if necessary.

Cashmere: Check the care label before laundering. Hand-wash, use a mild detergent or shampoo. Gently squeeze the water through the garment, then rinse until the water runs clear. DO NOT wring or twist. Squeeze out excess water. Dry by laying flat on a towel.  Keep away from heat and sun. 

Cotton: Cotton holds up well to laundering. Remove the garment from the dryer promptly to reduce wrinkling. May be ironed for crisp, laundered feel.

Cotton blend: Dry cotton-blend garments using your dryer's permanent-press or low-heat cycle and remove immediately to reduce wrinkling. Touch up with a steam iron.

Denim: Denim should be washed with cold or warm water, inside out. If washing denim that is mixed with synthetic fabrics, always follow care directions for the more delicate fabric with which the denim is mixed. Hang denim to dry and iron on high heat. 

Nylon: Machine-wash nylon garments in warm water. Use a low-temperature setting when tumble-drying and include a dryer sheet to reduce static. Use a warm iron to press, if necessary.

Spandex: Use warm water when hand- or machine-washing items made with spandex. Line-dry or use a low temperature setting when machine-drying to preserve the elasticity of the garment.

Rayon: Make sure to read the care label for rayon. Wash in cool water with a mild detergent. When machine-washing, use the gentle cycle and promptly remove garments after washing. To dry, roll the item in a towel to squeeze out excess water. Lay flat to dry.

Wool knit: Typically, wool knits need to be dry-cleaned, but check the label. If hand-washable, use cool water and a detergent for fine washables. Squeeze out excess water, then reshape and dry flat.

Flannel: Flannel can be washed in cold or warm water. However, if your flannel derives from wool, even if its washable wool, avoid the dryer completely since it can dry out its fibers. For non-washable wool flannel avoid laundering it at home and take it to the dry cleaners.