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Behind the Scenes of LIVE

Behind the Scenes of LIVE Backstage Pass Sip and Shop

I have been sitting here working on the Boutique for awhile now.  Each time I open something new or read a new article from one of my vendor groups, I keep seeing ".. do a LIVE".  Other boutique owners swear by this method for meeting your audience, more interactions online with your social pages and just to have fun.  Me in front of an audience is definitely not my version of "fun" even if it is online and not in person.  Anxiety can peek at the most awful time and show through making it a potentially horrible experience - for all involved! That's what i keep telling myself anyway. 

Well, over the past couple of weeks, I have slowly been gathering up items and planning so that I can also have a LIVE event with my shoppers.  That has meant extra orders, decor shopping, plans and outlines of what to use and offer.  Also more mailing bags, things to giveaway and, of course, thank you cards. 

There is still much to do, like learn how to even DO a LIVE, let alone maybe get an assistant to help out.  Perhaps one of the girls will want to play dress up with me!  I want to get a backdrop yet of some sort and am deciding if the office or perhaps a set up out in our sunroom would be more appropriate.  I'm sure after a few times, doing something like this would be old news! 

Until I am truly ready to go LIVE, I may order a few more samples to showcase for everyone.  That means more vendor browsing, reading and determining if that item is quality enough to use.  I mean, it's shopping so what's not to love about it right?!  It would be too easy to keep planning, keep working on the boutique and NEVER do one of these so I will have to keep myself on track and accountable.  Plus, I think I picked out a bottle of wine to enjoy while I do my LIVE presentation, so there is something else to look forward to!

I hope you can join me!

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