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East Coast vs West Coast Fashion - Is There A Difference?

East Coast vs West Coast Fashion - Is There A Difference?

From sports, music, schools and fashion.  The difference in wages, lifestyle and weather also play a role in this.  Me, I'm an East Coast girl.  Technically born in Cleveland, but I mainly grew up near the coast of VA by VA Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth.  I learned to love seafood and miss not having it fresh out here in the Mid-west.  We had rainy Winters and even ice, learned how to prepare for hurricanes, hot summers and beach weather.  Never really had snow and even dressing for cold weather still never seemed to include a heavy coat, snow boots or even snow suits.  

Now out in the West Coast, it seems they rarely get out of the Summer stage and the cooler Winter is no more colder than Spring in the Outer Banks area. Low rain fall and a general year round warmth make it very appealing.  West Coast life tends to more more surfing, computer tech, or a very laid back lifestyle.  I hear the sunsets are stunning.  So where does this leave us with fashion styles? 

Graph from NYU PreCollagePress August 2017 East Coast vs West Coast Style


There does seem to be 2 different unique trends between the coasts.  West Coast does utilize more girly and feminine vibe clothing, like a never ending resort wardrobe.  Relaxed boho and lighter shades of denim.  They are the cool and casual area of lightweight fashion.  The East Coast tends to be a bit more practical and even more polished with their clothes. Coats are a thing and actually a fashion accessory for many.  You have to figure it into your wardrobe and with what you are wearing.  Scarves even become a statement but on the West Coast you will only find them being used as a sash for a dress or wrapped around your hair.  West Coast fashion and East Coast fashion is a "thing".  

So where does this leave us?  Me, as an East Coast girl, I do long for the beach and summer sun on my skin but I'm more of a East Coaster at heart.  I dress up a bit more, even on casual outings. I like to look nice and put together.  My personality even fits more of the goal oriented, fast paced lifestyle as opposed to the laid back, healthy alternative lifestyle of most West Coast folks.  Maybe we all should wear more of the casual and laid back pieces of the California coast.  We may then feel more free and relaxed, less stress and hectic all the time. Change our clothes, change our mindset.  Could it be that easy?  Isn't it funny how our clothes can effect us like that and with our personalities?  We just need to make sure to wear a Winter coat! 


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