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End of Year Closet Reset To Find Your Style

End of Year Closet Reset To Find Your Style

With the year ending, now is the perfect time to set yourself up for success with your wardrobe.  Perhaps you feel like you have so many clothes you don't wear, or you are unsure of your "style" and tend to buy things nilly-willy. We all find that we have clothes we hardly wear, still have tags on them or even don't quite fit right. They get pushed to the side and get forgotten about again for another long while.  

So, with a fairly quick reset, you can see at a glance what you gravitate towards, what you can get rid of and what you should buy more of.  How do you do that,  you may ask.  Well, take a few minutes and rehang all of you clothes so that the hangers are all facing the same direction.  As  you wear a piece, when you hang it back up, put the hanger in the opposite direction. 


When you replace the worn items in reverse, you can see at a quick glance which ones you have not touched.  Put a reminder on your phone to check up in 6 months.  

All the items you haven't worn, can then be donated or sold quickly and easily.  It is an easy method and by the beginning of Summer you will have plenty of room! Plus, you can see then what styles you tend to gravitate towards.  Make note of what makes these pieces favorites, the sleeve style, neckline, is it A-line cut, fitted, etc.  Now you can shop more easily with confidence that you are picking pieces you will actually wear! 

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