Fall is Coming Quick! elegantbunnyboutique

Fall is Coming Quick!


Fall is Coming Quick!

We are still enjoying Summer and don't even want to think about it ending!  Give me a day at the beach, ocean winds and a refreshing adult beverage to help me recharge in the sun.  But, school starts back next month, county fairs kick up and  Fall starts to creep in.  


So be on the lookout for new Fall items coming in and some Summer items being marked down to move.  Eventually we have to prepare for the next season, and that my friends is what we are doing behind the scenes now!  Preparing now so we can help you get prepared as well.  

Go enjoy another beach trip, cruise, family reunion or road trip.  Enjoy the longer, sunny days as soon the days will give way to leaves, bonfires, apple cider, pumpkin spice, sweaters and boots.  And we will be sure to let you know when our new arrivals are here so that you may also begin planning for it too! 

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