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Fashion or Function

Fashion or Function


Do you dress for functionality? Useful pieces to help you through the day? Maybe the first thing you found clean because the baby spit up on you and you haven't gotten any laundry done yet. 

What about to stand out in the crowd? To express yourself? 

Clothes tend to say a lot about a person.  Well put together and stylish or mix matched and wrinkled.  Perhaps you are either dressing to impress or just really don't care and headed to Walmart. People tend to go through different stages in their life of all of these.  You try out a trend and see how you feel in those clothes.  Do they make you feel different? Are you comfortable? Do they feel to stuffy and like a costume? 

Many different fashion trends have been seen through the ages. The Victorian Era, the hoop skirts, the wigs, the roaring 20's with the flapper dresses.  You see the ever loved vintage era of the 40's and 50's with the pinup look and more skin being revealed than in the past. Petticoats are done away with and the 60's take over with the bell bottoms, halter tops and Boho look that lead us into the 70's.  Society really started to express themselves a lot more at this point and with the trend of freedom came the release of inhibitions.  Women truly started coming into their own and took off with the 80's and bright colors with bold fashion.  It was time to wear what you wanted, to be you and society was finally being more accepting of the variety of looks people would test out.  Spiked hair, teased hair, less clothes and more showy and flashy outfits.  The 90's came about taking excess to new heights.  Times have changed and so has our culture. Clothes are just an extension of how society, how people choose to express themselves. 

It takes some time to find YOU.  Your actions, your personality and also what you wear.  Some people use their clothes to express themselves in a way that they cannot verbally or through their actions. Some choose functionable styles due to weather, ability to carry multiple items or ease of working out in. For others, their clothes are a piece of art and add distinction to their lives.  However you choose to wear your clothes, make sure it is a style and fit that is true to you.  That is our philosophy here.  Wear what you love and love what you wear.  

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