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Summer Savvy Shopping

Summer Savvy Shopping

Summer is a time for fun, sun and outdoor events.  It is also time for vacations, road trips and backyard barbeques.  There will be plenty of extra shopping being done too. Souvenirs, beach wear, cookout staples and perhaps some adult beverages.  With the state of our economy, you can still enjoy all these things without breaking the bank this year.  Read on for more!

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Sign up! Yes, sign up for emails!  Many companies (us included) offer discounts for new subscribers.  Need a new summer dress, swim suit or sandals?  Submit your email address on their website to receive promotions, discounts and you may also get early VIP access to their sales.  You can always unsubscribe later, but why do that when you may have exclusive access to special year-round discounts and events? Loyalty pays off. 

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What about the basket trick? If you have never heard of it, this is how it works.  Go to your favorite online store, sign in to your account with them, browse and pick out the items you want.  Leave them in your shopping cart! Yes, you heard me right.  Walk away.  Many companies will email you to let you know that you left items in your cart.  They may also include a discount to come back and check out with.  It may be for a percentage off, free shipping or buy this and get that free.  Make sure that  you are signed into your shopping account with them first though! If you don't have one, sign up! Go back to buy your items once you get your discount email! 

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Shop the sales. Sure, it is Summer so why look at clothes that are sweaters, turtle necks and cold weather items? Because they are cheaper now!! You don't want to pay full price if you don't have to.  Buy off season to save some money. Stock up now on the things you will need later when prices go up due to demand. School supplies included. 

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Look for dupes.  Being able to afford the latest high end fashion items are great for those with plenty to spend.  Most of us are not in that class.  There is money and there is MONEY.  So look for dupes! Really drooling for one of the latest Prada bags? Look for a dupe! Many boutiques offer dupes to some of your favorite luxury brands.  You can look expensive without it costing expensive. 

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Finally, use a cash back card or even an app that help you save even more without even trying.  Like using the SHOP app, Capital One shopping app or one of many others.  With a few little tricks and tips, you can still shop and save without over extending your budget.  You'll have extra cash for those road trips, vacations and backyard barbecues and make them even more memorable without going broke. 

Have a great Summer!

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