The Holiday Season is Among Us! elegantbunnyboutique

The Holiday Season is Among Us!

The Holiday Season is Among Us!

As we reach midway through November, I realize how quickly this month has flown by!  Actually this whole year has kind of gone by faster than ever.  Next week is Thanksgiving, Pink Friday/ Black Friday, then Cyber Monday and on into December we go.  Just a few short weeks then Christmas is here.  Really it is 3 more paydays until Christmas !  Then on to a whole new year again! 

We will have a more quiet holiday season than we have in the past.  This is the first year his kids will be going to see their mom and her family at the holidays.  It will be a strange one, so maybe  new traditions will need to be started!  But amongst all the planning and working and juggling appointments, I have yet to even begin my Christmas shopping!  Last year I was almost completely done by this time.  I had good intentions.  Plans to start early.  This year just seemed to go by so quick and well here we are!  

Decorating still needs done.  Shopping.  Thoughtful gifts need made or bought.  Parades, school events and get togethers still to be had.  But I really need to do some gift shopping!  So how many of you have been a bit delayed on that this year?  Online shopping is going to be my best friend this year!  In all, it's going to be a festive Holiday Season and one thing I hope, most of all, is for all of you to also have a wonderful Holiday Season!  It's time to shake off that craziness from the last few years and just get involved and enjoy the traditions we have all made.  Live in the moment!  Share the love and have a Merry Christmas!


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